Shabbat, Together!
ShabbaTTogether Fosters Inclusion and Empowerment Among People with Disabilities and
Mental Health Conditions in Jewish Communities Across the Globe

ShabaTTogether is a global weekend event occurring in over 800 communities on 6 continents highlighting disability inclusion and mental wellness. ShabaTTogether takes place in February to coincide with Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM).

This year, on February 18th, the 4th annual ShabbaTTogether event shines a spotlight on mental health, disability belonging, and diversity with one main program, One Thing I Wish You Knew.

"One Thing I Wish You Knew," invites participants from across the mental health and disability communities to share their journeys, struggles, personal experiences while offering words of hope, change, and empowerment in their communities.

The aim is to encourage diverse perspectives and to foster discussions on how our communities can come together to create a more inclusive environment where every person feels valued and that they belong. Together we can create systemic change.

This program can be leveraged for all audiences on any topic that is of importance to that group. The shared perspectives are the foundation for building a culture of belonging in our communities and the resultant changes are exponential.

Our ShabbaTTogether team provides all participants with the resources they need to make your weekend and activities successful in your community. No effort is too big or too small!

We invite your community to join. Browse this site and get involved!

The Chabad Inclusion Network is led by Machne Israel and Friendship Circle International.