ShabbaTTogether is a project of the Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative

The RCII is dedicated to building on the philosophy and mission of Chabad-Lubavitch by providing Chabad communities around the globe the education and resources they need to advance inclusion of people with disabilities and mental health conditions. RCII engages Chabad’s network of human and educational resources to create a Culture of Inclusion so that all Jews feel welcomed, supported and valued throughout their entire lifecycle.

Join hundreds of Chabad communities around the world and on 6 continents for an annual, global shabbat of unity focusing on Disability Inclusion and Mental Health Awareness. ShabbaTTogether presents a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the message of Torah and Chassidut - that each and every person is holy and valuable, an integral and celebrated member of our nation and community.

ShabbaTTogether coincides with Jewish Disability Inclusion and Awareness Month (JDAIM), which is recognized in Jewish communities globally every February.

A full guide of program ideas, marketing resources, sermon, shiur, sparks of wisdom book, and the #WeAllBelong traveling mobile mural are all available to help make ShabbaTTogether a success in your community. No effort is too big or too small!

We invite your community to join. Browse this site and get involved!